Ability Tree

Protect yourself against overpowered classes and balance each class according to your experience and will.

Blood Stones

The Blood Stone is an integral part of our world. Use it as an alternative currency to Adena to purchase goods and wares from the mysterious witch in Giran.

Blood Pool

The Blood Pool is part of the INERA World and is the core system that drives the Ability Tree and the Blood Royale. The tree was developed for balance and the royale for slaughter.

Blood Royale

Battle for glory, harvest your reward, or perish. Will bards and poets speak your name? I wonder...

Blood Price

Steal your enemy's hard-earned Blood Stones by spilling their blood in the name of Shillen.

Autoshot Feature

Spiritshots and Soulshots are automatically enabled depending on the grade of weapon used.

Drop List

Shift click has been revamped. We've given you a cleaner system with information on soul crystal levels too.

Beauty Shop

Our very own beauty parlor, fixed with new faces, new hairstyles, and new looks. Exclusive to INERA.

Damage Meter

We've created a very useful damage meter, free to all players that choose to play on INERA.

Community Board

Our brand new community board homepage, based on the concept unveiled in Season 1 with a few slight modifications. Hoping you enjoy the new look.


We've reworked the classic Gatekeeper. Mostly a visual overhaul but nonetheless time spent on aesthetics.

Control Panel & Raid Database

Control your settings and hunt down raids all in the simple form of our community board. Improved and reworked.

Events & Services

Core to our server is our event engine. Participate in over 20 different mind-blowing events, featuring two new ones that have really got a bite. And familiarize yourself with the service board.

Clans & Library

We've reworked the clan and library. Select different grades for various searches and explore a cleaner version of the clan list.

Rankings & Reports

Just like in Season 1, we expect you to report all bugs to our development team. And keep track of your rankings relative to the others on the server. Like who has the most gold?

Buffer Cost

Buffs will now cost adena, blood stones, or both after level 80. Prior to level 80, all buffs are free.

Scheme Buffer

The new scheme buffer has been released; it has been revised from last season. Pay attention to the buffs and feel free to discuss the topic in the forum.

Hall of Fame Access

The golden statue and the hall of fame. Browse through the famous players of the server and their respective accomplishments. Earn fame for getting into the hall of fame.

Hall of Fame Museum

The museum is a collection of statues of past heroes that have accomplished great things on INERA. Earn a place in the hall of fame and you will automatically be placed into the museum.

Inera Store

We have completely reworked the Inera Store. From the ground up this version of the store should be more accessible and user-friendly compared to Season 1.

Clan Hall NPC

Katarina is the newest addition to our world. She will assist you in many different aspects of the game. In some cases she will improve your quality of life; in others she will save your life.

Multisell Windows

Certain NPCs and concepts will employ the new multisell windows to better structure and organize the process of bartering. This is merely an aesthetic overhaul.


Earn reputation by killing raids. They will always drop a reputation box, some drop more boxes than others. Reputation boxes are tradeable and usable only by clan leaders.

Shifting Zone

The shifting zone is a new addition to INERA. Every 4 hours Shillen will bless the world and transform a popular end game zone into an unrestricted PvP zone. This zone will also drop 100% more blood stones than average. Good luck!

Epic Zones

The grand raids are now PvP zones. When spawned, the surrounding area becomes a restricted PvP zone. When dead, the zone reverts back to normal.

System Msg

For those veteran players, we know how much you like to change the systemmsg file. We've impleneted a tool that allows you to do so from within the game. Change the color of your damage, or the color of NPC speech, etc.


Venustia is back! And she is ready to collect your blood stones in barter once again. Purchase your good via blood stones from this mysterious witch.

Blood Craft

Spend your blood stones using our brand new Blood Craft

New Tutorials

We've upgraded our tutorial engine to make it a little more pleasing and interactive. Let us know what you think.

Mana Pots

Mana potions are active but they are only 50% effective while in PvP combat, including sieges, epic zones, pvp zones, and TW.

Inera Boxes

Every once in a while Shillen will bless you with a gift. Make sure to appreciate her generosity and accept these rewards with grace and humility.


Premium accounts help to sustain the development of INERA. Please consider supporting us in The Resurgence!

Cursed Swords

Pick up any of the cursed swords and gain 100% bonus to blood stone collection both in PvP and PvE.