PlayINERA's second season is truly a one of a kind experience for Lineage II.
This is a new era of unique balance, creativity, and a strong focus on PvP.
It is our way to provide a high degree of entertainment and competition.
And we have gone the extra mile to bring you the ultimate midrate.
Take your time, explore our world, and keep an open mind!
Introducing our brand new balance engine, a player driven ability tree that gives the user complete control over their character's progression in open world combat. Protect yourself against overpowered classes and balance each class according to your experience and will. Balance is now in your hands.
"Do not fear balance. Make change."
-Never stop believing in something better, something greater.
The Blood Pool comes in 10 stages and is now responsible for the Blood Royale, total chaos and mayhem without question. This symphony of murder and strife is what players seek from open world combat. The progression of the pool is now an automated process, but once it is full, the royale begins. How far will you go for power and glory?
"They say, blood will have blood."
-A world fit for those true to the game.
Our world is constantly changing, for the better and for the future. Midrates need to innovate if they are to sustain a community at large. Learn about the new features of our server as we take you on a tour of our universe. We will break down the major changes in the game, our intentions, and the global impacts of each change.
"The Ultimate Midrate 2018."
-Voted the best server by Vogue Magazine.