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  • Crucial Changes

    16 October 2017 , by Vice

    The bloody weekend is now over. Congratulations to opening up Stage 4 of the blood pool. We have heard your voice, that Hellbound is too difficult to level on account of it being tied to the Blood Pool and its stages. We have decided to change Hellbound to reflect 2x the number of the Blood Pool stage. So as of...

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  • Bloody Weekend 2

    13 October 2017 , by Vice

    The Bloody Weekend is now a recurring theme. Due to the excessive requirements to unlock the blood pool, every weekend will now be a Bloody Weekend. Players can enjoy the satisfaction of acquiring twice the number of Blood Stones that they would otherwise farm on regular occasions. All monsters in the game, with the ex...

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  • Issue Resolved

    12 October 2017 , by Vice

    The network latency issue has now been fixed. In addition, any disconnects should have been resolved. The problem was a bad port at our data center which was highly unsual. We apologize for the trouble this may have caused for your progress, although this issue did not affect everyone, for those that it did affect, tha...

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  • Network Issues

    12 October 2017 , by Sindelia

    As of October 12th 23:30 PM GMT+3 our datacenter is experiencing some network issues. Rest assured, we are working closely with our server provider to rectify those issues. In the interim, you will experience an increase in latency in-game. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Your understanding and patience are ...

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